DEBUG: set debugmode active via template, level: 10
DEBUG: version of plugin: 3.8.2
DEBUG: selected parser: twig351adj
DEBUG: set method via template , method: curlget
DEBUG: set template via template : {% set slug = 'job' %} {% set taxonomyslug = 'job_categories' %}   {% for _job in jobs.job %} {% if _job.unique_reference%} {% set cpfound = wp_get_cp_by_cpf_keyvalue(slug , 'unique_reference', _job.unique_reference) %} {% if cpfound.0 %} {{_job.unique_reference}} already existing, pageid: {{cpfound.0}}<br/> {% ...

DEBUG: set url via template :
DEBUG: active method: curlget
DEBUG: dynamic url NOT allowed, therefore ignore pathparam / fileext. Switch on: See plugin-options
DEBUG: curloptions really used:
DEBUG: Caching-Foldercheck: <hr><b>caching not working, plugin aborted:</b><br>plugin / wordpress / webserver can't create<br><i>/files/cache/jsoncontentimporterpro/</i><br>therefore: set directory-permissions to 0777 (or other depending on the way you create directories with your webserver)<hr>
DEBUG: use this cachefile: /files/cache/jsoncontentimporterpro/259e787c9b063fecb701e0e6a372c882-cod41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e.cgi
DEBUG: Caching is NOT enabled
DEBUG: postbody IGNORED, this is used only if WP-POST is selected as method:
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER (19913) with value 1
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION (52) with value 1
DEBUG: curlGET: curl-timeout: 5
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13) with value 5
DEBUG: curlGET: no curloptions defined
DEBUG: curlGET: API-answer:
curlGET failed, http-code: 204