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You will continue to work through the 4 units online with 6 weeks to complete them. Your trainer will advise of scheduled meeting times to work through any questions, assessments or support.



The PeakCare Talent Centre workshops are designed to give you a balanced introduction to the Child Protection sector to assist you in deciding if this is a career you wish to pursue. At the end of the week, we will ask you to advise us if you wish to continue the remaining 12 units and obtain the full Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention.

Please note there will be a cost associated with completing the full qualification and we can provide a quote for you based on your funding eligibility.



You will be sent a certificate of attainment for each unit you complete within the 6 week timeframe.

If you choose to complete the full qualification, you will receive a nationally recognised accreditation for the Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family intervention (or other if you choose to change your enrolment to Cert III in Community Services or Individual Support or other.


We have a variety of ways to support you to connect with potential employers to help you continue your journey into the sector:

  • We will register you with our WorkForce Connect team who will work with you to participate in work trials with our employers
  • Some employers may wish to interview you and employ you directly
  • If you already have qualifications in this field and do not require the full certification (determined during your enrolment discussions) we can refer you straight out to the Workforce Connect team and potential employers based on your suitability to their current vacancies.



Approximately 12 months.



This should be discussed with you during your enrolment.

However, generally to be eligible for funding you are required to be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or have an approved visa and not completed a Certificate IV or above previously.



Blue card is working with Children and is mandatory to work in the sector

Yellow Card, slso known as National Worker Screening, is a working with people with disabilities and most employers will require you to have one.

It is recommended to apply for them together if you don’t already have them.


You can apply for a Yellow and Blue card here however if you need to apply for both Blue and Yellow cards (recommended and cheaper), you can apply here.

You will need current photo ID and to be linked to an organisation to support your application.

Applications can take 4-6 weeks to be approved sometimes longer, so it is recommended you apply as soon as possible.

You cannot work in the sector without a positive clearance.

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